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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Printable Meal Planner

     Yay! It's the weekend! Does anybody have any fun plans (I guess if you do you probably wouldn't be reading this;)?
     Today I want to share with you this super fun meal planner printable. I know there are a lot of food blogs out there, and there is a reason my blog has nothing to do with food: I am terrible when it comes to making meals! Don't get me wrong, I can hold my own in the baking department, but when it comes to dishes who's sole purpose isn't to make you gain weight—that's where I struggle.
     My husband isn't a picky eater at all (thank goodness), so he doesn't care if we switch off between having grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti every night. But now that I'm a mom, I feel like I should probably have a few more well-balanced meals in the rotation for when Davian is old enough to eat solid foods. I mean, how else is he going to decide he hates vegetables?
     That's why I have created this cute meal planner, and I wanted to share it with all of you. If you don't want to print on off on a weekly basis, then you could put it in a picture frame and use a dry-erase marker to fill it out. Also, to help you with your grocery shopping, use my matching Grocery List Printable I made as part of a guest post on Over the Big Moon.
     Happy meal planning!

Printable Meal Planner